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Effortlessly assign tasks to others and receive updates. Accessible on all WhatsApp or Telegram enabled devices globally. Try the Beta Now!

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To assign a task to someone using digital wizardry, ensuring its acknowledgment and timely execution by the recipient.

Assign a task to someone else by sending a message to delegram

Watch as delegram takes care of the reminders and follow-ups.

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Stay in the loop with delegram.

Get updates on the tasks you've set for others.

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Delegate & Relax: delegram Tracks, You Rest Easy

From one-time errands, recurring chores, to time-sensitive tasks - always be informed about tasks you've entrusted to others.

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Delegram is forging a path towards decentralization by building technology to seamlessly coordinate human efforts, cultivating a more collaborative, efficient, and harmonious society.

Join the future of delegation with delegram.
Where every task is a triumph.

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